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About Us

The concept for MINX-DESIGN became real in September 2003.
MINX is all about creating fresh, funky and fun fashion items that look great and feel even better! Designer and entrepreneur Nadine Greuner has used her years of experience in the fashion industry to develop a line of tote bags that are original designs and made to the highest quality.

Together with MINX partner and Textile Designer Sylvia Meyer-Stumborg, exciting bag projects are evolving which enthuse the MINX team and their customers alike. The team's motto "Live Your Dream" shines through all their creative pursuits - it's what lets them swing...

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MINX-DESIGN is constantly on the lookout for great new fabric designs and ways to mix and match so everyone finds one (or more!) that matches them perfectly.

MINX bags are designed for everyone who loves gorgeous colours and wants to make a statement about themselves (whether it is on the inside of the bag, or the outside!).

MINX would like to give out a special thanks to everyone who made it possible to turn MINX-DESIGN into a great fun-loving team and helped get its products out on the street.

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